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Absolutely! However, 3 hours is our current minimum.
Any aditional hour is $75 and can be discussed via the contact page.

Of course! We want to provide you with as many opportunities possible to hold on to the memories that you created. Digital copies can be emailed to you or saved onto an external drive and personally distributed.

Candid Clicks serves all ares surrounding Bloomington/Normal as well!
An additional charge of $1 a mile will be credited on top of the rental fee.

We currently feature the newest, most high quality PhotoBooth in our area.
Allowing Candid Clicks to proudly announce their supreme service and stand amongst its competitors.

Our new photobooth allows for setup in less than 30 minutes!
It is truly no hassle to you or the users, and we can guarantee on time completion every time.

Yes! Depite how complex the features within the photobooth are, we have implemented a beautiful and simplistic User Interface to make the photobooth extremely easy to use!